Invisalign SEO

Restructuring Your Online Presence

While Invisalign offers a unique solution for straightening teeth, clinics may find it difficult to promote, since these keywords face stiff competition. That’s where SEO comes in, improving the technical aspects of your website and optimizing keywords to connect your business with people seeking Invisalign.

Google is increasingly awarding rank to the companies that are able to engage searchers and provide them what they are looking for. The factors that go into effective SEO have changed from outwitting search engines through clever tricks to providing people with the best experience possible.

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Developing a Strategy – We work with our clients to give them a strategy that will target the consumers who are most likely to be interested in Invisalign. We identify the demographics that this niche resonates with and find the relevant keywords that are being used to find your services. By evaluating metrics like traffic, relevance, and competition, we identify the best opportunities for your business. The leads that we sniff out are those actively searching to learn more about teeth straightening and who would be interested in potential solutions. We target patients who are local and who actually have the potential to walk through your doors.

Creating Content – Once we establish what we are going to cover, we start working to create content for you. We believe that the most effective content delivers as much value for the reader as possible. That means riding the line between giving them relevant information and not drowning them in too much of it. We cover pain points and topics that interest your potential customers. That could include going over the benefits of different teeth straightening procedures so that they can narrow down what interests them. The key is to engage them and build rapport before you ever ask for anything. It’s only after we have offered something that we will bring up your unique selling proposition and offer them a call to action to guide them through your funnel. We make sure that it is only interested parties that book consultations and appointments. Your Google My Business page is how local businesses stand out when people search for their services. Optimizing this, as well as off-page, on-page, and technical SEO, gives you a boost in rank and allows search engines to better understand what services your business provides.

We Can Rank For the Following Services –

  • Braces
  • Clear Aligners
  • ClinCheck® Software
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Invisalign Teen

  • Invisalign First
  • Mandibular Advancement
  • Orthodontist
  • Vivera® Retainers

Our SEO efforts also include building backlinks to your stellar content that will funnel interested parties to your pages and project more authority to search engines at the same time.

Generating online leads through SEO is becoming increasingly important, and cookie-cutter solutions aren’t working like they used to. That is why we work to tailor our efforts to your needs and give you the best possible solution that will reliably generate leads for your Invisalign services.