Keyword Research

At the very foundation of every successful SEO campaign is keyword research. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made when it comes to the use of keywords is not doing the proper research. In many cases, a business will simply use a keyword that seems somewhat relevant and just use that one keyword throughout all of their content. Taking such a short cut is going to hinder your ability to run a successful SEO campaign.

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At Proactive, one of the very first things we do is to perform thorough keyword research. If you haven’t built a website yet or you haven’t published any content on  your website, then we will start from the very beginning. This means finding keywords – especially long-tail keywords – that will be relevant to your business and that you will have a chance at ranking for. We have access to numerous advanced analytics tools that allow us to identify what types of keywords will be competitive. This is important, because using keywords that are too generic or that you simply aren’t competitive will do you no good.

Take for example the keyword “computer.” If you run a computer repair service, then this keyword may seem like it’s relevant to you. However, you’re not going to rank for this keyword for two main reasons:

It’s too generic

When your keyword is too generic, you’ll have problems attracting the right audience for your business. Ignoring the fact that you probably won’t rank very high for this keyword, there’s a chance that someone is looking up the word computer in a search engine because they want to buy a new computer or because they are looking to enroll in a computer science class. As a computer repair service, this person is not a likely customer.

You can’t compete

Think about the many different businesses that provide computer-related products or services. Many of them are enormous corporations with billions of dollars in capital and a worldwide presence. You simply aren’t going to have the resources to able to outrank them on Google or any other search engine.

This is why keyword research is so important. At Proactive, we will identify strong long tail keywords that are relevant to your business, that won’t have impossible competition and that will be specific enough to attract visitors who will actually be interested in the products or services that you are offering. In addition to using analytics tools to identify the strength of certain keywords, we will also look at your direct competition to identify keywords that they are ranking for that could be effective for your business as well.

If you already have a website in place that’s full of content, we will identify what keywords you are ranking for and provide the boost that they need in order to reach the first page. Our overall goal, whether your website is new or not, is to find keywords that will help to increase your site’s organic traffic from search engines over time.