Search Engine Optimization

Because they can’t become your client if they don’t know you exist

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of attracting more traffic to your website by achieving a high ranking on search engine results. A high ranking on search engines such as Google or Yahoo can be a major marketing achievement, drawing more visitors to your website and increasing your revenue. Along with web design, reputation management, and content creation, SEO is one of the major services that we offer to clients.

An effective SEO campaign consists of multiple tactics built around an overall strategy. This includes finding and analyzing the most valuable keywords, incorporating those keywords into your site, and optimizing the technical aspects of your site.

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The first step is selecting the right keywords to target. These can be words and phrases related to your business, such as “teeth whitening” for a dentist, that users are likely to search for. But another, just as important factor is selecting keywords that help you stand out in your local market and that your competition may be overlooking.

We use Google Analytics, keyword planning software, and our intuition and experience to select keywords that are valuable for your specific business, whether it’s a medical practice, restaurant, or Hospice Los Angeles.

Next, we ensure that your website is indexed on the major search engines. This means that the search engines are regularly crawling your site for new content and displaying that content in response to searches. If your site is invisible to Google, Bing, or Yahoo due to a technical issue, then that issue needs to be fixed right away or your SEO is dead in the water.

You may have heard that SEO consists of technical tricks such as keyword stuffing or spamming low-quality content. But the truth is that nothing boosts your SEO like a clean, well-constructed website that loads quickly, runs smoothly, and is full of original, informative content. Our in-house writers will generate original content for your website built around the keywords you need to target: pages and blogs that read well, convey useful information, and are seeded with SEO-friendly keywords.

Our technical team also analyzes the back end of your website and makes improvements to its functionality. Your site may have technical issues that are invisible to users, but are hampering SEO behind the scenes, such as a messy URL structure, broken links, and missing or mishandled title and meta tags. We also improve your website’s loading speed as much as possible.

Our SEO campaigns also include reputation management. We optimize your business’ presence on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram, review websites like Yelp, and relevant online directories. Once your business is associated with these high-quality backlinks, the search engines see this as evidence that your site is a trusted resource and that it should be ranked highly.

SEO is an essential tool for any business to establish a presence online. The investments you put into quality SEO will pay off in the form of increased website traffic, greater lead conversion, and more and better customers. Contact the team at Proactive SEO Solutions to get started with your personalized SEO campaign.