Facebook Ads Management

Targeted Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone who uses the Internet uses social media. Along with Google, it has become the de facto way that people search for new businesses.

If someone is looking for a new dentist or skin care doctor, likely the first things they’ll do will be to Google “dentist” or “skin care doctor” in their area, then ask their Facebook friends for recommendations. Along the way, they’ll scroll through their feed past ads that can make the difference in turning them from a lead into a customer.

As part of our comprehensive approach to online marketing, Proactive SEO Solutions offers Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. These campaigns can offer great return on investment, with a series of simple, targeted ads sending your message directly to the leads you most want to cultivate.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, it’s easy to advertise on both platforms simultaneously, and we tailor our campaigns for both. Facebook’s sophisticated data set allows us to target ads by demographics and location. For example, if your customer base is women over 40 in certain zip codes, we can target your ads accordingly.

A successful social media ad doesn’t need to be complicated; it just needs to capture your audience’s attention and deliver your message. We’ve run ads that consist of just two slides or a twenty-second single-shot video clip, and these have had great success.

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Impromptu Video Ads

One recent trend that has brought great results for our clients is impromptu video ads. When most people think of a video ad, they think of a polished, glossy production that looks like a professional film. These can be effective, but they take time and money to shoot and edit.

On the other hand, an impromptu video ad can be shot on your phone camera in the office. It feels more spontaneous and authentic, and allows you to show off your working environment to potential customers. Video generally captures people’s attention better than still images, so if this approach appeals to you, we’ll find a way to make it work for your business.

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Case Studies

For examples of our successful approach to Facebook and Instagram ads, see these case studies

In both cases, a very cheap initial investment led to a phenomenal return. For a skin care doctor establishing himself in a new market, an impromptu video ad that only cost $50 led to $5,000 worth of leads converted, a hundredfold increase!

Proactive SEO Solutions uses the best available online marketing tools to help your business grow, including Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising. One truism of marketing and advertising is to meet the customer where they are. Facebook and Instagram are where people are these days, and where your business should be too. Contact us to make it happen.