How to Boost Revenue For Your Med Spa Through Email Marketing

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How to Boost Revenue For Your Med Spa Through Email Marketing

Blog by Isaac Rau | January 24, 2022

Around the mid to late 90s when the Internet fully emerged, med spa companies were also beginning to establish themselves. The limited ways for them to acquire new patients at that time were through word-of-mouth and investing in old-school Pennysaver ads. Direct mailing also became prominent once med spa companies captured the mailing address of their patients.

So much about advertising has changed in the digital age. Creating your own marketing campaigns directly through emails became a popular and affordable tool to keep in touch with patients.

Email marketing is the method of sending mass email newsletters to your patients to keep them informed about upcoming specials. The messages are sent to both new and existing patients who subscribe through your website. The main purpose of a newsletter is to engage and keep a good relationship with your patients.

At Proactive SEO Solutions, we specialize in email marketing to help your med spa business generate more leads. Below are a few ways to boost your revenue.

Provide Value

Ultimately, your main focus when sending an email newsletter is to make sure that you are providing something of value to your patients. Effective communication is necessary to keep your patients interested. Whether you are offering a BOTOX® special or a discounted LIPOcel™ treatment, this approach will intrigue your patients and keep them coming back for more.

Even if they cannot afford it at that time, they know that you will most likely have more offers in the near future and it will keep them from unsubscribing. Another way to provide value is by sharing important tips to your subscribers about the med spa procedure you are campaigning about. Quick stats and bullet points provide educational value, which may help you generate more leads.

BOTOX Email Newsletter

Keep It Short

I have to admit that whenever I view an email newsletter, which I usually do on my mobile device, I quickly become uninterested if the newsletter is too long. Subscribers will tune out and not finish reading your newsletter if it requires a lot of scrolling. Med spa newsletters need to be quick, simple, and to the point. Introduce the treatment and the special, list the treatment details, provide stats, and insert a call to action to persuade the patient to click and schedule their consultation. That’s all you need.

If you believe it is necessary to go into detail about a specific treatment, I would recommend breaking it up into short snippets of text interspersed with call to action buttons. This will help generate more clicks to your website.

BOTOX Email Offer

Be Honest

There is no need to sugarcoat the deal or procedure that you are offering. Be truthful because honesty is always the best policy. It is perfectly okay to brag about your business and staff, but it is important not to exaggerate about your practice or the med spa procedures you offer.

To be specific, it is not a good idea to guarantee anything. For example, avoid statements like “this laser treatment will completely eliminate your acne in three sessions.” Not all patients will achieve those results and making false or misleading statements will be detrimental to your practice. Instead, qualify your statements with softer language: “this laser treatment can greatly reduce your acne in just a few sessions.”

If your med spa practice needs help with email marketing, our experts at Proactive SEO Solutions have the necessary tools and resources to help you generate more leads and boost your revenue.