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5 Critical Elements For Your Intermodal Industry Landing Page

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5 Critical Elements For Your Intermodal Industry Landing Page

Blog by Benjamin Rios | January 7, 2022

Building an intermodal equipment company landing page is not as challenging as some experts make it seem but it is still tedious work nonetheless. This is where Proactive SEO Solutions comes in. When a user typically browses online and suddenly lands on your web page, you have just a few seconds to grasp their attention. The main section of your page that you land on, aka “above the fold” needs to persuade the user, help them gain a complete understanding of what your transportation company is all about, and what the company can do for you. This should also be followed by a call to action, which will guide the user to get them where they need to go. A call to action may be a button that is linked to a specific page, such as a contact page or even linked to the company phone number. A call to action simply entices the user to engage.

From a marketing perspective, your website landing page must have five important elements that help convey a clear and concise message for the user to comprehend. These key features are the who, what, where, when, and why of digital marketing. Implementing these elements will bring your intermodal landing page to fruition, increase user engagement, and lead generation.

Who Are You?

The first key element is the introductory part of your landing page. You should briefly explain who you are. It is also important to know who your target audience is. This will help you and your team understand your audience more. Your audience in return will learn more about your business by the brief biographical information that you provide for the landing page. It is the first impression that is always critical; it will help build trust and connection.

What is Your Company About?

So what is your company about? Which intermodal services do you provide? What products do you build and/or sell? From chassis to shipping containers, this area is an opportunity to brag more about your intermodal or trucking business and explain what you do, what you and your team members specialize in, and how your services or products can help your targeted user. This is also an area where you need to do additional research on your target audience and discover what exactly they want to accomplish. Keyword research is also important and it is one of the many tools that our team specializes in. Learning more about them and their behavior will result in more substance for you to add to your landing page.

Where Are You Located?

Another key element is your location. For instance, some companies may only be providing services in certain locations, or within a certain mile radius. Providing this information will increase the likelihood of you generating more clicks within that area. Telling your users where you are from and which areas you service will not only generate new leads, it will also bring back familiar faces. SEO plays a big part in this area with specific keywords that help generate great search results, especially for businesses in trucking or intermodal equipment industry. An “Areas We Serve” section is a great feature to display on your landing page. Other elements can also help such as an interactive map of the areas you service or where your business locations are.

When Are You Available?

This can be attributed to your days and hours of availability. Displaying your local business hours is very helpful, especially during the holidays. Your hours must also be updated on your website, on your reputation management pages such as your Yelp and Google business page to avoid any confusion. A scheduling or booking calendar is also another important set of tools to implement on your landing page.

Why Should They Trust You?

Why is the most important key element of your landing page and it should effectively communicate why your intermodal services hold value and why they may benefit your targeted user. If I were the online user I would subconsciously want to know why I should choose your business above your competition. Your responsibility is to answer that question in a unique way that establishes trust from the get-go.

The next time your project manager creates a task for you to build a landing page for a client, follow these important key elements to get your landing page on the right track. If you need our expertise with Facebook advertising and need a landing page created to help generate leads online, contact Proactive SEO Solutions.


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