SEO in 2019: A Primer

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SEO In 2019: A Primer

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The Present and the Future of SEO

So, what is Happening in 2019? The internet keeps changing, which means that there is always something new to learn. Some may find this fact depressing, but SEO specialists worth their weight in gold look at it as a unique and continuous challenge. There are few objectives you can focus on to position your brand or business for SEO success in 2019.

#1: Increase Your Branded Search

Increasing your branded search is becoming more and more important, which can be challenging for smaller businesses. When people are looking specifically for you, this is going to raise your visibility. It’s getting harder and harder to get ranked for the products or services you provide (what you do, basically), while it’s getting easier and easier to rank for who you are. Increasing your brand awareness through branded search is a worthy goal for this year.

#2: Rise of Reputation in Search

Did you know that Google is paying attention to your reputation and that this could affect your ranking? Google looks at what is being said about you (for example, your reputation via reviews), so it’s important to inspire great feedback from your customers, clients, and audience. Content on Amp (on average) performs better than content that isn’t on Amp — this has been supported by study after study time after time. However, this is not yet a golden rule. You can search your own industry on Google and check which (if not all) listings are with Amp.

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#3: Position Yourself for Conversational Search

Conversational search is an important consideration as more people are incorporating voice search. It’s important in your content to use the same language your customers are using.When you can master featured snippets and voice search queries, this will put you in great position for conversational search.

#4: Get Visual with Video

Many copywriters might lament the fact that one can only do so much with words. Sometimes you need to take measures to show your brand personality (not to mention the face of your brand). Taking advantage of video is a great way to increase brand awareness, brand recognition, and to drive brand loyalty. Google is the largest search engine in the world, while YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Focusing on creating quality video on YouTube that is embedded on your site and transcribed, that’s a great way to put yourself in a good position. Video really makes a connection between the viewer and brands, not to mention a strong, visual impression.

If you have any additional questions about where SEO is headed this year and how you can position your business or brand to take advantage of the constant flux, I’m here to talk. I have over 20 years of digital marketing and SEO experience.



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