SEO is More Important and Relevant Than Ever

By September 6, 2017 No Comments

We get a few clients who ask us “isn’t SEO dead?”

The reality cannot be further from the truth. Regardless of contrary opinions, organic search engine optimization is far from dead. Many companies are now making renewed commitments to investing in developing solid, search-engine friendly, SEO optimized web infrastructure. Here are some reasons why you should, too.

First of all, SEO Still Works

Techniques employed to improve SEO still get results, and the techniques themselves remain effective and sound. Joshua Guerra, CEO of marketing firm BIZCOR said recently that “As long as you are focusing on optimal user experience while performing methodical SEO strategies, you will be rewarded with higher positioning and organic traffic.”

And it’s Not Going to Change Anytime Soon

Search engines continue to develop, so will SEO techniques. Even audio and video searches utilize and depend on keywords just the same as normal text-based content. The link between needing words and terminology to express what you’re looking for ensures continued success of SEO techniques into perpetuity.

SEO is Cost-Effective

SEO is cheaper than other forms of online marketing, including PPC advertising, social media marketing, and especially purchasing leads for your email marketing. SEO consistently provides good ROI, and there is lower risk, since SEO costs less. PPC is still important to drive revenue. Social media is still crucial for your image, but organic SEO is still the foundation of your online real estate.

Trust Us, Your Competitors Are Doing It

SEO is an ongoing endeavor. If you’re not building your presence and moving forward, then you’re just giving up ground to your competitors. Ignore this valuable business tool and you risk being out-maneuvered by your contemporaries.

80-90% of Consumers Check Online Reviews Before Making a Choice or Purchase

This number steadily increases, too. Why go out of the house and search aimlessly for what you need when you can make targeted, informed choices online? Without quality, organic SEO in place, your business won’t be seen.

So make the choice to put your best foot forward online. Establish your position and strengthen your footing with Proactive SEO Solutions. We’ll help you better understand and more successfully navigate one of the most important components of any business’s branding efforts and online presence. We look forward to collaborating with you and your business.

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