Attorney SEO

Access new clients via Google

Are you a lawyer looking to expand your business? 

Well, if you are, the internet is the key! To survive and compete in this lead generation market, you need to be out there where people can easily find you. This means that you need to be able to compete with other online lawyers who show up when people browse the internet for legal advice.

This is where our attorney SEO team comes in. We are experts when it comes to online marketing for attorneys. Our services range from SEO, PPC and Web Design to App Development, Press Releases and everything in between to ensure that your name becomes popular on social media.

At Proactive SEO Solutions, our aim is not only to make you visible, but to help you and your practice stand out!

We understand that each attorney’s marketing needs are different. We adapt and innovate to come up with new and ingenious methods to make your internet presence dynamic. Here are some of the key areas we focus on to ensure that your name gets the attention it deserves!

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Keywords and Content – Well, you cannot simply rely on keywords alone anymore. While catchy keywords will help you get the attention of clients, you need something more to keep them hooked. Captivating Content! This is where we come in. Our expertise in designing SEO friendly web pages for clients enables us to create content that is engaging, educational, and that perfectly encapsulates your identity and values. As an attorney, it is imperative that you allow people to see that you care, and that you are there to guide them every step of the way. Proactive SEO Solutions will compose content that will reflect the empathetic, caring side of your nature while underscoring your professionalism and expertise at the same time!

Web Interface – You need to provide the same hospitable environment to your online clients that you provide at your law firm. Instead of getting intimidated by a complicated web interface, your legal clients should feel welcome. They already have problems enough to stress them out and seek your help in the first place. At Proactive SEO Solutions, understand exactly what a client is looking for when they click on your page. Easy Navigability! The first impression, whether provided through a firm, trustworthy handshake, or through a welcoming online presence, is always important. By designing a simple, easy-to-navigate web interface, we let your clients know that it is as easy and relaxing to work with you as it is to go through your web page!

Internal and External Links – If you need to illuminate your presence on the internet, you have to ensure that you are not just limited to one page- your page. Let your clients learn more about you through internal links connecting your pages together. We are here to help you achieve this. Plus, we will devise external or outbound links for you- links that lead your clients to other pages to validate the information you have provided them with. Once your clients will realize that they can learn everything they need to know from your platform alone, they will know that your expansive and expert knowledge will be enough to resolve whatever legal issue they have!

Attorney SEO

Lawyers are mostly not considered the most trustworthy of all people. By creating a secure and steady web presence for you that your clients can rely on, we at Proactive SEO Solutions will ensure that you become the most dependable and trustworthy name on the market!