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5 Ways to Boost Your Brand Reputation by Generating More Customer Reviews

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5 Ways to Boost Your Brand Reputation by Generating More Customer Reviews

Blog by Isaac Rau | July 10, 2020

When it comes to your reputation as a brand, few things have as big of an impact than the opinion of your customers. In fact, consumers often make a purchasing decision based on customer reviews, which is why it’s in your best interest to generate as many positive online reviews as possible.

Doing so will not only help to build brand trust and loyalty, it can help to increase brand awareness as well. The following are five ways that you can generate more online reviews:

1. Helping a Review to Stick

The two most important items they can do to help the review stick on Yelp are:

1. Check in at the location

Yelp Review Check-in

2. Post of photo of themselves at your business along with their review

Reputation Management Los Angeles Yelp

2. Submit listings to local directories

By submitting your business information to local directories, whether it’s Yelp, Angie’s List, Google My Business or some other directory, you provide a platform on which customers will be able to leave reviews on their own volition.

You probably won’t want to send customers to these directories to leave reviews because many of them, such as Yelp, have filters that filter out certain reviews.

However, established users may still want to leave reviews for your company on these sites — and they will certainly help if they are positive.

3. Provide a Good Website Experience

Make sure that it is easy for your customers to use your website as well when they want to post feedback. They’re doing you a favor, after all, which means you’ll want to make it as little of a hassle as possible.

In addition, check and verify that your website is easy to use on mobile devices. as customers are most likely to visit your website on their phone.

4. Respond to reviews

Responding to your reviews shows that you care about them. Responding to negative reviews can help to improve your reputation as well, especially if you are able to offer the reviewer a solution to whatever problem they may have had with your product or service.

However, don’t just respond to negative reviews, respond to positive reviews as well. Interacting with customers in such a way will make them appreciate you even more and will show people who are reading the reviews that you appreciate their positive feedback, which, in turn, can encourage more customers to write reviews.

5. Set up a review page on your site

Setting up a review page on your website is a great way to acknowledge the positive reviews that you’ve been given by your customers and to leverage your reviews to help build brand trust in new visitors to your site. A customer review page is also a great place to provide instructions on how to leave reviews.

One thing that you should avoid doing, no matter how tempting, is to offer incentives in exchange for reviews. First of all, you’re likely to get a positive review out of doing this, which isn’t the most ethical thing you can do. Secondly, don’t be surprised if it gets out that you do this, which can lead to poor PR.

You’ll lose a lot of the trust that you worked so hard to establish with consumers if they find out you’re basically paying for positive reviews. However, the previous five tips are perfectly ethical ways to generate more online customer reviews in order to boost your brand reputation.

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