SEO for Nonprofits

Increase Your Google Rankings

We understand that paid advertisements and advertising can be expensive, especially for non profit organizations. SEO is a way for non profit organizations to attract traffic to their website without spending money on costly, traditional marketing. At Proactive SEO Solutions we will help non profit organizations attract volunteers and people looking to invest in a cause. Our team is experienced and confident when it comes to SEO, making us a top choice for non profit organizations.

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Sold Out Youth Foundation

Targeted Keyword – When it comes to non profit organizations, a Google search can be crucial. Often times people will join a cause based on what they happen to find on Google, which is why it is important for your nonprofit to rank high in Google searches. We use Google Analytics and keyword planning software that relate to your specific organization in order to increase exposure and help your company grow.

Creative Content – Our team will work with you to ensure the content on your website is useful, direct and specific. We will work with you to address your specific goals are met. Additionally, our specialists will optimize your website in order to target a specific audience through the use of keywords.

Web Interface – It is our goal to get your organization on the map. A high Google ranking means more traffic, awareness and people who want to help your organization. A high exposure is important for any business but especially for nonprofits. We utilize the latest trends and technology to always provide prime optimization. Our professionals will use their skills to include the most valuable keywords. We will make sure websites are indexed, while maintaining keyword analytics and long term optimization. If you are looking to elevate your non profit organization, we can help!

Raising Twins or Multiples

Are you looking to branch out and take your non profit organization to a whole new level? If the answer is yes, look no further. At Proactive SEO Solutions, our experts will work diligently with you to ensure your website is highly trafficked and thriving. We will use our skills, technology and expertise to make sure your website is informative, captivating and attractive. It is our goal to showcase your organization to show who you are and to attract business.

Our team at Proactive SEO Solutions truly values each client, which is why we will listen to your goals and make sure they are reflected in your web content. We guarantee a stronger web presence for your organization and look forward to working with your nonprofit. Contact us today to take your organization a step further!