Cybersecurity in the Future

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Growing trends and advancements in technology have made cybersecurity more crucial than ever. With autonomous cars hitting the roads and so much emphasis on computer technology and “the internet of things,” cyber threats continue to loom.

You hear often about big companies and individuals getting hacked (Netflix, HBO, Sony, Hillary Clinton, just to name a few), so you’re rightfully starting to worry about what you stand to lose if someone gains access to your information.

The Power of Big Data and the Rise of Social Networks

Mobile adoption is widespread and has led to the meteoric rise of social networks, which generate more and more data on a daily basis. Data scientists find ways to leverage this information for advertisement and marketing campaigns.

The big question is what happens when cyber criminals gain access to all this data? Consequences could certainly be dire.

But just as this sought after data represents a target for fraudsters, it also helps online security professionals fight cyber invaders. Just like you leave your digital footprint, criminal activity always leaves behind a trail of digital breadcrumbs.

Security analysts can also use this important data to foresee new attacks and identify malicious intent before it strikes and renders your business hacked.

Things You Can do to Protect Yourself

Institutions and government agencies implement regulations to protect your data, but the ever-evolving and sophisticated threat landscape demands constant security, and also individuals practicing prudent standards.

Be careful not to publish sensitive information online or on social media. Adopt foundational security solutions like password protection, firewalls, and antivirus software. Implement security controls, then train your employees to utilize those controls. If you think it’s worth it for the security of your business (hint: it is), hire a professional service to oversee the process.

Securing Your Business and Practice

Security professionals currently protect servers and mobile devices (like smartphones). Soon cars, refrigerators, thermostats, and additional home automation apparatuses will follow suit. Medical equipment in increasingly connected hospitals represents another area in need of high security.

The healthcare and dental industry need security more and more as ransomware operators target these entities because of their inherent critical, difficult to secure, highly personal information. Leaders in digital arenas, reputation management, and online security who pay close attention to this highly targeted industry will pan out well as we move into the future.

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