5 Ways To Get More Instagram Followers (and Fans) That Are Proven To Get Results

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5 Ways To Get More Instagram Followers (and Fans) That are Proven To Get Results

Blog by Isaac Rau | October 1, 2020

It’s time to get involved with Instagram! Maybe you’re already there, but aren’t sure how to step up your game to get more followers, or you’re working on a brand that needs more attention without wasting your marketing budget. Fear no more. There are tried-and-true methods that help users increase their reach, engagement, and profitability without sneaky tricks that hurt in the long run.

The key to growing your Instagram following lies in your ability to get attention for your account in an organic way. Most Instagram users who want to grow their following know how to do all of the basic functions, such as using hashtags and tagging relevant people and places, but it takes so much more to gain notoriety in such a large market. Remember that there are over 1 billion Instagram users, and they can smell a fake a mile away. People are driven to authenticity, meaning they’ll be more likely to engage with a person or brand they feel are being real with them, and here are five simple tips to help you show your potential followers what you have to offer them.

1. Tell a Tale

Pictures are what bring people to Instagram, but they alone only tell part of a story. What really drives up the interest and engagement on Instagram is the caption or the part of an Instagram post that explains the reason the picture was posted. Facts are boring. Potential followers want to know not only what they are looking at, but how it relates to them. Make your posts personal with stories of how the photographs can relate to their lives.

2. Send a Consistent, Quality Message

When people look at your Instagram account, the first thing they want to know is what they’re getting out of the experience. If you post a picture of a beautiful mountain one day, then a spilled garbage bag the next day, they might not understand what you’re going to provide for them in the future. If you can tie the two together in a theme, then that’s great, but make sure potential followers know what they’re in for if they follow you.

While you’re at it, make sure the message that you’re sending is not only consistent but top notch. While there is a vast audience available to anyone with an Instagram account, they’re only going to stick around for the best content. This means providing top quality posts, with eye-catching photographs, interesting captions, and insight into the person or brand they’re considering.

3. Be Unique to Find Your Audience

What’s the point of putting together a perfectly polished work of art if it blends in with every other piece of art? Instagram followers are looking for something that stands out from the rest of the crowd, something they won’t be able to scroll past without a second thought.

This is where you can find your audience. It doesn’t have to be something so strange and unusual that no one understands what you’re doing, and it’s no secret that there are trends on Instagram that can be emulated to great success, but there needs to be something different about you that they will remember. Maybe it’s a color choice, a phrase that sticks out, or a bit of quirky cleverness that is distinctive to just your or your brand, but it must separate you from the crowd.

4. Create an Engaging Community.

People don’t like to be sold. At least, they don’t want to think they’re being sold a product when they really want to invest their time and money into something that makes them feel like they’re a part of something bigger.

Everyone wants to be a part of something special. This is where your Instagram account can really stand out. Find little ways to reach out to your community of followers, engage with them, and let potential followers know that you care about those who already follow you. A little bit of extra interaction can go a long way to making something personal, special, and important.

5. Use All Available Means of Reaching Your Followers.

Don’t get stuck in the mud. It’s easy to think of Instagram as an easy way to put out a post and walk away. But that’s not what gets followers to notice you, engage with you, and stick around for future interactions. This is especially true if you don’t use all available resources on Instagram to keep your account in front of viewers.

Instagram offers a multitude of ways for users to interact with other users. Although it all started with simple posts and a few, often misused hashtags, the social media network has expanded its functionality greatly since its inception. Don’t hesitate to use the Stories option, as well as Instagram TV (IGTV), to complete the visual trifecta.

Put It All Together

Now that you’ve learned how to be interesting to prospective Instagram followers, and how to do so with the highest of standards, all while finding your own audience, it’s time to try it out for yourself. Remember to grow with your community, learn quickly from your mistakes, watch to see how others are succeeding, and maximize your potential.


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