SEO Audit

Have you ever looked at an online audit report and wished you could understand the Yoast green light or the domain authority score it alerts you about?

Building a website for a page one Google ranking is an incredibly complex task. There are many factors that go into measuring the worth of your website, in the eyes of Google and Bing.

Thankfully an SEO audit done by the professionals at Proactive can walk you through the whole process, turning dozens of indicators into an easy and intuitive “big picture” understanding of your website’s health and performance.

What do our SEO audits include?

SEO audits done by Proactive aren’t done by templates or software alone. When we run reports on your site we’ll also speak with you one on one to help you understand how to actually measure and improve what you’ve already built.

  • Do you have enough local community links?
  • Could you use more newspaper promotion?
  • How good is the internal link structure of the site?
  • Is there a specific page that is lacking in keyword density or other important SEO metrics?
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For business owners who want more than just the big picture, we can also give you a page by page analysis to expand on the high level points.

At the end of a typical audit, we’ll also give you a checklist of places we recommend specifically improving. And if you hire Proactive for any of our link building or on-page website development services, we can also handle the checklist, point by point, for you.

Either way you’ll end your SEO audit with the knowledge and power to rise up the ranks of Google and cast your competitors aside as you ascend to the top of page 1.

Good SEO Audits: Not just about search engine rankings

Google gets smarter and smarter every passing year. It used to be that gaming Google to get to the top of the search engines was all about “tricking” the algorithm.

When your website performs strongly in an SEO audit, it means it’s more accessible, readable and likely to be acted upon by actual customers. That’s the modern difference — ranking metrics which align closely with visitor behavior.

For example, let’s consider mobile optimization. Over 30% of customers now access your website from a mobile device. By learning how many mobile users are coming to your website, you can effectively kill 2 birds with one stone.

Let Proactive’s audit be your guide to high rankings on the search engines and a more sales performant website, all in one.