Daily Deals

Because to know you is to love you.

You know you run a great practice, and you know you can bring clients back once you get them in the door. So let us help you get them in the door.

Daily deals can help you do more than catch a potential new client’s interest – they spark his or her inner bargain hunter and add a sense of urgency. It’s not an option to just make a mental note of your practice and then maybe check out your site another day – to get the deal, he or she has to take advantage of it now.

Once that new patient is in the door, you’re already starting to build a relationship. Once he or she gets to know you and what you have to offer, odds are your practice will be the first one they’ll call from now on.

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Benefits of Daily Deal Management

  • Create lifelong repeat customers
  • Monitor return on investment
  • Focus on running your business
  • Access to partnerships with a number of daily deal sites

Just one daily deal can lead to a lifelong business relationship. We can advise you on which deals are most likely to bring new customers through the door and show off your practice at its best, and then we’ll help you promote them through social media, pay-per-click ads, and your own website.

With daily deals, you’re not just building interest – you’re building real connections.