United Airlines Seeks New PR Person

By May 5, 2017 No Comments

The Importance of Good Reputation Management

United Airlines was all over the news last month for forcibly removing a passenger from one of their planes. The now viral and hot-button incident began when gate agents for the airline asked for volunteers to give up their seats on a Louisville, Kentucky-bound Flight (flight number 3411) to make room for a United crew which needed to meet a connecting flight. The incident escalated and before passengers knew it, Dr. David Dao was taken from his seat and escorted off the plane with physical injuries to boot.

Fast forward just a week and United Airlines had another problem when Carrie Miller reported, after being refused gate check privileges for her cello, that her instrument was smashed to pieces, despite being in a protective hard case. Luckily, Miller was able to raise the requisite $11,000 on in order to buy a new cello.

As far as United Airlines goes, the real damage has already been done. This is why in the middle of April, United had put out an ad looking for two managers for Brand Public Relations. The job posting said that the company was “reimagining” their current global communications team and looking for someone with the ability of “creating and maintaining a favorable image and brand reputation” for United Airlines in either San Francisco or New York.

Proactive SEO Solutions wasn’t there when any of these situations occurred for United, but we’re always here for our clients, especially when the waters get thick. In real times of turbulence, businesses can rely on Proactive for their reputation management. We hope that United can resolve their issues and address any shortcomings, and we hope any parties involved in these mishaps and missteps get the restitution they deserve.

Not every experience a customer has with your business will be a fully positive one. People today have many platforms to express their concerns and their opinions on platforms where businesses really only get one chance to gain a good reputation. We can deal with bad reviews as well as customer and client outreach in order to correct grievances and miscommunications. We can also give consulting services in order to posture your business and its reputation, setting you up for success in the future. We’ll monitor and can help minimize bad reviews, provide business consulting services, address internal problems, and help develop and implement ways to improve customer and public relations.

You should never play a game of blind man’s bluff with your reputation, much less the reputation of your business. In this day and age, every market is incredibly competitive. Our app-saturated culture facilitates the current predicament that every business owner and marketing specialist face every single day of the week: customers don’t have a whole lot of loyalty to one name or brand. A customer has the option to switch over to a competing service with startling convenience.

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