Understanding SEO with Isaac Rau from Proactive SEO Solutions

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Understanding SEO with Isaac Rau from Proactive SEO Solutions

Blog by Isaac Rau | January 23, 2024

Today we are talking to Isaac Rau from Proactive SEO Solutions. Isaac walks us through what SEO is and why it is vital to the success of your business. Although SEO can seem like an easy few steps like finding the right keyword, there is actually a lot more to it. Understanding how your website ranks, getting backlinks, improving the content you have on your website are all key to achieving SEO success. Tune in to this episode to understand where to start, even if you don’t have a large enough budget to hire an SEO company. Isaac provides some really great tips.

In This Episode:

  • [6:58] Isaac describes his background and how he got started in the digital world.
  • [11:16] What is SEO (search engine optimization)?
  • [12:54] Does SEO include Google Maps and how does that help if you are an online business?
  • [14:32] What do people need to know about SEO?
  • [16:53] What would cause you to get black listed?
  • [17:45] How do you get your site to rank? Why do you need a backlink to rank?
  • [22:41] What is high level and low level PR?
  • [23:58] How do you stay at a high level?
  • [24:54] What type of content best impacts your ranking?
  • [30:30] What is an affordable option that someone can do to boost their ranking without hiring an SEO company right away?

Key Takeaways:

  • SEO (search engine optimization) is how your business or website shows up in Google or other search engines. There are critical pieces to add into your website to have it rank on the first page of Google.
  • Some great ways to uplevel your SEO is to utilize news resources or other local media. If a magazine publishes something about your business it will generally push up the searches and keep your page more popular. When preparing for this type of content to go live, make sure that your website is up to date and ready for new eyes on your business.
  • Site speed is a huge piece of getting people to stay on your website. If it takes 15 seconds for your page to load, you’ve likely lost your audience. Check to make sure that your content looks the same on a computer and on a phone.
  • Spending money on ads doesn’t necessarily mean that your page will rank. If you aren’t having luck with your ads, check your pages speed, look to make sure your page isn’t blacklisted, and make small tweaks to see what changes make a difference in clicks.


Proactive SEO Solutions is a premier, boutique digital marketing firm nestled right in the juncture between Los Angeles and Orange County. We design, develop, and deliver results-oriented search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and bring innovative advertising strategies that keep our clients forging ahead and future-relevant.

Though we host scores of local clients, we’re also able to command a national and global presence, serving both domestic and international companies, practices, individuals, and brands.

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We know that people are only getting more and more options, which is why we use marketing best practices to build loyal audiences based on providing real value. In this industry, you’re either selling snake oil, or you’re offering something worthy. Proactive SEO Solutions remains a boutique, minority women-owned marketing firm, and we’re able to give you the intimate, personalized attention that you need in order to see swift results.

In short, we take your brand to the next level — no matter where you’re at currently. Even though our specialties lie in highly technical online solutions, we never lose sight of the human element in what we do. We’re in the business of building partnerships with a long-term lean. We know that by committing ourselves to YOUR success we will always be successful in our endeavors.