Engagement Rings SEO

Shiny SEO for Engagement Ring Retailers

As an engagement ring retailer, the best way to increase your organic search ranking is to assert yourself as an authoritative source. This is why many retailers make an effort to create abundant content about engagement ring shopping on their websites. Here are some great ways to assert yourself online as a respectable engagement ring retailer.

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900% Organic Traffic Increase in 11 Months

We Can Rank For the Following Engagement Ring Styles

  • Pear Shaped
  • Princess Cut
  • Solitaire Shaped
  • Oval Cut
  • Halo Style
  • Emerald Shaped
  • Jewelry Repair
Engagement Ring SEO

Increase Web Content – Work really hard on the educational parts of your website. Add content that informs shoppers about the many different facets they need to consider when looking to buy an engagement ring, such as the stone setting, diamond size, and cut. Look to target keywords such as “diamond size chart” as opposed to more popular / generic terms such as “engagement bands.”

Grab Media Attention – Try to reach out to some influential wedding bloggers and wedding websites and see if they will post articles about your engagement rings. This will help to increase your ranking greatly. It will also help you look more reliable as a brand.

Speed Up Your Site and Improve Usability – Another way to increase your SEO is by having a website that runs well and is easy to use. You should also try to speed it up to ensure that your audience can go from page to page without slow loading times.

A good SEO strategy can take your engagement ring business to the next level. Need some help? Contact Proactive SEO Solutions by heading online or by calling (310) 660-7606.