Five Tips for Marketing to Millennials

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Marketing to Millenials

You’re a business owner. You know how to reach people around your age and older, but maybe you find millennials perplexing. But while older generations and well-established businesses might shortchange this group of people, you see the value in reaching them, introducing your product or service to a whole new audience for the future.

First, let’s get rid of all the stereotypes. Forget about perceived negative characteristics whether supported by empirical evidence or not. You’re not going to reach people by starting the conversation with “you know what’s wrong with your generation?”

Instead, Focus on the Positives

Millennials have a ton of positive characteristics. For instance, they have a strong sense of social justice. They value facts and information. They are better than most of their predecessors  with technology and can quickly identify trends. Once you start looking at this group in a positive light, the seas of change will carry your business.

First, make a rule for yourself. Do. Not. Sell.

Over 80% of millennials don’t trust conventional advertising. They’ve been bombarded by advertising their entire lives. This is especially true of the digital world. Millennials tend to distrust corporations and big brands in general, so most overt, direct attempts at selling will fall short. Instead, create informative, entertaining content. In short, bring something to the table. Provide extra value to your audience and readership.

Get on social media. Today.

Millennials are some of the most engaged, involved audiences on social media. They are the largest audience over the broadest amount of platforms, especially on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Make sure your business has a presence in all of these arenas, and make sure that you’re posting quality content consistently (preferably daily).

Keep it Mobile-Friendly

Don’t assume that it’s just millennials who are glued to their phones. Even generations more advanced in age use their phones more often than their desktop computers to locate products and businesses. Be the immediate solution to their needs. How? Your site should be easy-to-scroll and a vertical read. Don’t simply comply to Google’s basic standards. Your content should load quick and easy on mobile device platforms.

Show Them Your Values

You already know that millennials have a natural distrust of corporations. Many strongly prefer brands that demonstrate social responsibility. Give back to your community and tell people about it. Donating a fraction of proceeds or throw an event for a specific cause. Focus some energies and resources in being more “green,” as a way to protect the environment. Then work these themes into your quality content.

Does this all sound like a lot of commitment and work? It is. But that’s also what we do at Proactive SEO Solutions. Contact us today and we’ll expand your reach to new audiences, bringing your business into the future with class and distinction.

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