Assisted Living SEO

With so many Americans reaching retirement age and requiring help with daily living, assisted living facilities are very much in demand. But with so many options out there, if people Googling keywords like “assisted living near me” can’t find your facility, then you’ll struggle to attract residents and revenue.

That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. When you work with the professionals at Proactive SEO Solutions, you benefit from over a decade of experience at the forefront of online marketing. Using our insider knowledge, we’ll be able to increase your website’s rankings and make your assisted living facility the go-to choice for your area.

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SEO Needs for Board and Care Facilities

When seniors need to move into an assisted living facility, their families are almost always the ones making the arrangements. Their sons, daughters, and even grandchildren turn to search engines like Google to find facilities in their area that are reputable and highly rated.

Seniors who may be struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s struggle to adapt to change. So when moving them into a facility, the family’s best option is to pick a location as close to the senior’s former residence as possible to smooth the transition. This makes assisted living SEO hyperlocal; your residents are most likely to come from your city or cities immediately adjacent to you.

Local SEO Optimization for Retirement Homes

When you work with our team, we’ll customize an SEO and marketing program that targets your area. We seed keywords relating to your city into your website and design ads to appeal to local residents. With a slow and steady approach, you’ll gradually see your rankings, leads, and revenue rise.

Contact Proactive SEO Solutions to get your assisted living facility the online exposure it deserves. Good SEO is essential to getting noticed online. We look forward to helping your facility thrive.