Call Tracking

A successful SEO or marketing campaign can benefit from being under constant monitoring. Tracking your results is just as important as the results themselves. At Proactive SEO Solutions, we do this through call tracking and analytics.

Your business may have various measures for success, it can be the number of investors who call your phone number or the amount of visitors who click on your website. Our accurate call tracking system allows you to accurately view the number of calls your business has received.

Call tracking and reporting

Call tracking involves assigning a custom phone number for your website that is redirected to your business phone.  Conversations can be recorded, classified, and downloaded to analyze how your business is gaining exposure.

Our all-inclusive internet marketing package includes call tracking and is also supplemented by analytics monitoring.  We can report exactly how many clicks, visits, and activity your website has generated.

Proactive SEO Solutions offers the online marketing package you need to achieve and maintain success.  Please call us today to receive a free quote.

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Whether you are an established company or starting a new business, we give you marketing strategy and Call Tracking support for you to obtain success in your endeavor.

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