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Effective marketing requires more than a mobile-responsive website. The rise of smartphone usage has made apps an invaluable marketing tool for any business.

In an age of constant advertising, it’s easy for customers to tune out the noise. Mobile apps not only offer your customers convenience and value, but a genuine connection to your company. With a smartphone app, your company is only a tap away.

Our skilled programmers will construct an intuitive and engaging business app to showcase your services. Your tailor made app will offer your customers your choice of a range of features, including loyalty programs, promotions, e-commerce transactions, company information, and a fast and easy means of communication. App icons can help build brand recognition by providing customers with a recognizable visual design. In short, all the marketing information you want to present to customers is in a single compact presentation.

The average American spends about three hours engaging with digital media on a mobile device. 90% of that time is spent using mobile apps. A personalized app made with Proactive SEO Solutions will put you ahead of the competition and connect you to your customers. Contact our office today for a free quote.

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